Althea Osborn – Sharing On Keller Williams Profit Share

On Tuesday, July 18th, 2017, David Osborn spent some time with many Keller Williams agents in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to share about his New York Times Bestselling book Wealth Can’t Wait, which he co-authored with Paul Morris.

After he spent some time sharing, his mother Althea Osborn spoke about her journey with Keller Williams. Here are some highlights:

She got her start in real estate at the age of 48 after her husband retired from the military. She wanted a place that had great training & support. Althea had interviewed many different companies, yet there was something noticeably different about Gary Keller. Being only 26 at the time, Gary spent the first 20 minutes of his interview talking about her, not about all the great things his company could provide. This focus on her made a lasting impact on Althea.

Keller Williams opened up with 6-8 agents, with Althea being the 5th agent to join Keller Williams. They had a card table with a type writer – no office. As with many start-ups, they had some adversity to overcome, which ultimately led them to begin with their model of sharing profit with those agents that help to grow the company. It was a way to provide a legacy for you and your family, and served as another way to keep agents around and helping to build and grow the company.

Her husband Bob told her that it would never work, yet checks started to come each month for $20, $30, $50 a month. Soon after, she spent some time going back to England and when she returned, she had a check of around $500. This was the motivation she needed to press on and continue growing the company. She believed it would work and would pour into telling the story of Keller Williams.

For 4 years, she worked side by side with Gary helping to grow the company in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Gary offered her the North Texas (& New Mexico) Region of the company. Althea decided that while it would be a great challenge, she was up for it. So she spent 5 days selling real estate in Austin, TX and then would spend 2 days up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area building KW in that market.

She decided that she needed to bring some head-turners to the company, so she said that she was only going to meet with agents doing $6 million+ in volume. Shortly after, she was able to get a meeting with Mike Brodie, whom she described as “like talking with an elephant” because of his large name in the real estate world compared to her small little upstart Keller Williams. After he originally said he only had about 10 minutes, Mike ended up spending about 2 hours with her and said he wanted to meet Gary. He ended up joining the company. Upon his move to KW, he brought 15 top producers behind him and they quickly became the #2 office in the company.

Althea ended up hiring her son David to run things after he returned from a 2 year journey backpacking around the world. He worked as an agent in the office and sold franchises as well. He quickly piped in the conversation and admitted that to keep the numbers up, he ended up buying a franchise or two on his own, just to hit the metrics he needed to, which lead to a large round of laughter from the captive audience.

At this point in the conversation, the past stories ended and Althea shared some of her present day successes admitting that last month she received over $110,000 in Keller Williams profit share – just in one month. The crowd was stunned. She shared that this same opportunity is open to anyone, yet only those that do something about it will reap the reward. In fact, she even helped to grow Keller Williams overseas by bringing in an agent from South Africa.

This is just one of many great stories scattered amongst the growth of the company. Lives have been changed, legacies have been left. What will you do with your opportunity? Will you let it pass you by, or will you take a hold and make the most of it?

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