Admin Hub

While agents get a lot of credit for building big businesses and making a lot of money in real estate, one of the real “secret sauces” comes in the administrative talent and systems that they hire to become successful.

As Keller Williams teaches, when you’re doing all that you can, and you can’t keep up, it means you are missing a key relationship. For the solo agent, that first relationship they need is some sort of administrative leverage.

This leverage could come in multiple forms. You could hire someone yourself either full-time or part time that works along side you. You could hire a third party administrative company that is already trained and has systems built out that you can plug into. Or, you could hire a virtual assistant that will help take some of the load off, yet works remotely. Whichever way you choose, these hires can take 80% of the work off of your plate, allowing you to focus on your top 20% of your tasks – the ones that bring income to your business.

Why Don’t People Hire Assistants?

In many cases, it’s because you think you can save money by trying to do it all. Yet what most people will find, is that great leverage will catapult your business to the next level, one you never could yourself, because you have more focus on a few key tasks.

Another reason why people don’t hire administrative talent is because they have a hard time giving up control. This is your baby. You may think that nobody else can do it exactly like you do. When you have the right person on the bus, what you’ll find is that they probably can do it much better than you ever could, and you never would have known if you didn’t take the leap.

How Do I Hire A Great Assistant?

Fortunately for Keller Williams associates, because they have been named the #1 training organization in the world, there are classes that you can take to learn to hire and train your admin. The first step in that process is a course called Career Visioning. Here is a breakdown of what that course entails:

As you can see, having a system in place for your hiring is much more likely to lead to a successful selection of a candidate, and a successful on-boarding session to get them trained correctly.

This is another way that Keller Williams separates itself from its’ competition – by providing great training and coaching that is more likely to lead you to a successful career.

If you’d love to learn more about how great administrative talent can grow your future, apply now and we’d love to talk with you more about it!