Looking to grow your mindset? Looking to apply some practical tools to your life? There are so many great resources out there. We want to help! Check out these great podcasts:

How I Built This – by NPR

Hosted by Guy Raz, he interviews extremely successful entrepreneurs to find out how they built their modern-day empires. You may have heard of the likes of Airbnb, Southwest Airlines, Patagonia, Spanx, Lyft, Whole Foods, and many others, yet find out what it was like for these founders as they had to overcome objections, deal with rejection, and climb the uphill battle to become the success stories you see today.

The ONE Thing – by Geoff Woods

Based on the popular book by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, this podcast helps you get organized, get focused, and line up the dominoes you need to achieve success. It’s all about thinking big, then acting small by building small wins each day until you form habits. Follow Geoff as he shares nuggets of wisdom and interviews people putting these concepts into practice each day.

Bigger Pockets – by Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner

The Bigger Pockets podcast is focused on real estate investing. It’s not about getting rich quick, so these guys will give you advise that you can take action on to achieve your investing goals for the long term. Hear from actual investors and entrepreneurs to pick up some great nuggets that you can apply in your own portfolio.