Oftentimes, it has been said that Keller Williams is actually a training and coaching company that happens to be in real estate. You don’t get named the #1 training organization in the world (across all industries) by accident. MAPS Coaching (Mega Achievement Productivity Systems) is the training and coaching arm of Keller Williams, run by Dianna Kokoszka, and is responsible for many of the programs that KW has in place.

Their commitment to lifelong learning, growing towards mastery, and being a skilled professional is a huge benefit to anyone considering getting into real estate, or people that want to take their career to the next level.  Let’s take a look at some of the training opportunities you can find:

IGNITE: Ignite is a course held at KW Market Centers multiple times throughout the year. It is meant to propel new agents (and existing agents) business to new heights. Like much of KW training, it starts with the basics. These foundational tools help to build a strong base and repeatable habits for agents to focus their time and energy on.

BOLD: (Business Objective, A Life By Design) BOLD is a 7-week course held for one full day each week. Quite simply, BOLD gets results. If you want to increase written units, sold units, and your GCI (gross commission income), BOLD is a wise investment.

The instructors of BOLD are second to none. These highly-trained professionals travel all over the United States to come to your city and teach – oftentimes traveling to 4 cities each week to teach BOLD a different day of the week.

In the class, they cover growing your mindset, lead generation practices,  and ways to super-charge your business.

Here is a brief video from Gary on the results you can expect from taking BOLD

GROUP COACHING: Group Coaching is a great way to hone in on a specific area within real estate, grow your knowledge quickly, and put that knowledge into action.

These classes are held weekly and go for a shorter period of time, usually a couple months. There are a wide variety of  classes held through group coaching, ranging from Fierce Conversations, Never Ending Referrals, Social Media For Real Estate Agents, Language of Sales, and many more.

INDIVIDUAL COACHING: (Mastery Coaching or Breakthrough Coaching) These coaching programs are designed more for a one-on-one coaching experience. Here you’ll meet with your coach over the phone each week to review your goals and objectives, closely track progress, and break through ceilings of achievement. Calls typically last for 30 minutes, and the program lasts as long as you continue working with your coach.

KELLER WILLIAMS’ NATIONAL TRAINING EVENTS: Sprinkled throughout the year are many larger KW Events that are held all over the US and target large audiences of KW associates. This includes Family Reunion, the annual gathering of KW associates from all around the world, and easily the largest KW event held each year. In addition, you’ll find events such as Mega Camp, Spring Masterminds, Recharge, Coaching Skills Camp, and many others.

REGIONAL AND LOCAL TRAINING EVENTS: In addition to some of these national events, you’ll find that each Keller Williams region as well as specific areas or market centers will hold events to grow your mindset and business. In many cases these involve bringing in Keller Williams faculty from all over the world to teach on topics around recruiting, training, finances, mindset, wealth-building, social media, and much more.

As you can see, there is no shortage of opportunity to learn and grow. Keller Williams prides itself on attracting life long learnings. In many cases, you’ll experience people taking the same classes 2, 3, 4, 10+ times. As Gary advises, you’ll find that to get to true mastery, it will take you hearing the same message over and over to pick up on difference nuances and subtleties.

For as Hericlitus said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”