Keller Williams expansion provides the next big opportunity in real estate, or as Gary Keller calls it “the brain dead opportunity of the century.” Successful agents were sometimes feeling stuck like they were hitting a ceiling in their current business.

Enter expansion. This concept allows an agent to take what they have already learned in their current market and expand it to another market. When you have mastered lead generation, hiring, and other major concepts, you can take those lessons and succeed through other people in other markets.

Listen here as Gary Keller talks with Kristan Cole, the VP of Expansion with Keller Williams. This will give you some overview of expansion and what it can be.

What can you gain from expansion? More money. More opportunity – both for you and those people in your organization. More freedom. A successful business that grows whether or not you show up. Diversification through other real estate markets in other cities and states.

In addition to the benefits you gain and those in your organization, there are a lot of benefits to the markets you serve and others within Keller Williams. In this video, Gary and Kristan lay out how to create win-win relationships through expansion.

Expansion also can have a positive effect on the market center where you have expansion agents. It can change the culture of other teams already there, raise the bar, towards mastery and help the bottom line of  the market center.