Technology & Marketing

Keller Williams has long placed Technology at the forefront of their operations. Yet in the last couple of years, Gary Keller has has been pouring even more resources into technology than ever before.

In 2016, he hired a Chief Innovation Officer in Josh Team, who the year prior was named one of the 30 Most Creative People in Advertising Under 30 by Business Insider. As his KW bio states, Josh is “charged with disrupting traditional approaches to real estate – envisioning, building, and scaling next-generation tools for Keller Williams and its global associates.” In 2017, Keller Williams hired Jonathan Berkowitz, chief strategy and product officer, and Steve Peterschmidt, chief technology officer.

In the years ahead, Keller Williams will focus on building its’ own proprietary tools vs relying on other companies to provide tools, and in 2017 Gary stated he was spending over $40 million of his money to see that through. So what is ahead? Here is a short video from Keller Williams Family Reunion in February 2017:

What is Keller Cloud? It will be a integrated platform that will:

  • Simplify the day-to-day experience of running agents’ business
  • Transform the traditional CRM into a customer experience solution
  • Provide a integrated referral solution keeping track of referrals sent and received
  • Integrate KW’s artificial intelligence solution to provide agents specific assistance for discovering and transacting homes
  • Provide smart, automated social media marketing, that is monitored and optimized in real time
  • Grant access to training materials from Keller Williams University as well as content generated by users


Here is an overview of KW Command:


Here is an overview of KW’s new social media integration on Facebook:


To see some additional ways that Keller Williams has integrated technology and marketing into agents’ business, watch this short highlight video: